# V E N O M  B I K E S

Who are we?

The Venom Mini BMX brand was created after seeing a new craze of Mini BMX’s being handmade in Indonesia. We wanted to the make this cool new category of bikes accessible to all. We are proud to be one of the leading Mini BMX brands in the world, doing all that we can to help this category grow year on year – sponsoring pro riders to push these little bikes to their extremes – seeing many ‘world first’ stunts across the world.

This is our fifth year of developing the bikes, each year making significant improvements. This year we have upgraded the specification of parts throughout to rival some of the best full size BMX bikes. We now have two ranges of bikes to cater for all users, Venom and Venom Pro. It has been an exciting five years for our little bikes, partnering with some of the world’s best pro riders, including riders from both the Redbull and Nitro Circus teams with many ‘world first’ tricks being seen on a Venom Mini BMX.

After the huge success of our first Mini BMX in 2012, we have now released our fifth generation of Venom – continually enhancing the design and geometry, while always raising the standard throughout, continuing to be one of the leading Mini BMX brands on the market – while always keeping the bikes affordable and accessible to all. After seeing the success of the Venom Mini BMX and the subsequent growth of the Mini BMX category, it became clear that there was a demand for something more…

The Venom Pro has been designed to cater for the more serious rider who wants a mini BMX with all of the premium features you would expect from a full size Pro BMX, including 3 piece cranks, a top loaded stem and premium translucent colour ways.

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